Platinum Palladium Prints A platinum / palladium print is an exceptionally beautiful and everlasting image presented through a wide range of subtle tones. Their extraordinary tonal range exhibits from creamy shades of whites to delicate gray mid tones and warm, sepia browns to the deepest blacks It is a process that was invented in 1873. The creation of a contemporary platinum print, whether from film or digital camera, remains an intimate, handcrafted process. The print is made by hand coating an art paper with a platinum / palladium solution, exposing the sensitized paper to ultra-violet light, and then hand processing the exposed paper to create the final, permanent print. No two prints are ever identical. Platinum palladium prints are regarded as the ultimate collectors print; the prints are so stable that they will literally outlast the paper on which they are printed. They are revered for its permanence and subtle beauty.


The Battersea Power Station

An inside look.



This is series photographed inside the iconic Battersea Power Station before the station was shut for a real estate development project.  The series


The Circle of Love

Spiritual look at life and death


People of Coffee

Feature 3

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